Teen-Skin Actives offers a natural , no fuss solution to balance and maintain skin during teenage years. This easy to use range helps to establish a good skincare routine, preparing the skin for the future.

Our Teen-Skin Actives skincare kit contains:
Clearing Skin Wash 50ml

Clearing Skin Lotion 50ml

Clearing Spot Gel 15ml

Anti-shine Skin Balm 50ml




Our Teen-Skin Actives skincare kit is perfect to try the regime or for travel.

Clearing Skin Wash 50ml

A cooling daily skin wash to lift away dirt and excess oil without drying or irritating
the skin. Tea tree and Lavender combat excess oil to help prevent blocked pores, reducing the likelihood of spots and pimples.

Clearing Spot Gel 15ml

This fast working treatment gel combats the causes of breakouts. A powerful synergy
of Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemongrass and Allantoin provides purifying properties, while soothing redness and breakout irritation.

Clearing Skin Lotion 50ml

A non-drying lotion based toner, packed with botanicals to help eliminate impurities, reduce oil secretions and prepare the skin ready for moisturiser. Leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed

Anti-shine Skin Balm 50ml

A mattifying moisturiser to control oil and
shine. Purifying and moisturising ingredients aid the balance of skin oil and ensure hydration to giving the skin a non- shiny finish and a fresh, healthy appearance.

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