Massage & Relaxation

Swedish Massage


Hot Stone

Smooth heated basalt stones are used to massage for a deeply relaxing treatment. We use our hands in harmony with the stones to relax, calm the mind and rebalance the body’s energy flow. Our full body massage commences with inhalation of your chosen aroma blend to induce relaxation and finishes with a scalp massage and warm oil foot cleanse


Full Body 60 mins £60

Back, Neck and Shoulder £30


Stress Buster

Warm oil Massage of the Back, Feet, Hands, shoulders and scalp

45 mins – £48


Warm Bamboo Massage

Deep tissue massage that uses bamboo stalks of different lengths and diameters to produce a deep sense of relaxation, serenity and inner wellbeing. Ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle and requires deep tissue work to soften and break down muscular tension.


Warm Bamboo massage commences with inhalation of your chosen aroma blend to induce relaxation and finishes with a warm oil foot cleanse.


Full Body 60 mins – £60

Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 mins – £30

Legs 30 mins – £30


Ear Candling

Ear candles are made of hollow tubes made of cotton they are soaked in beeswax, and infused with honey and herbs. When lit the candle acts like a chimney, causing the warm air inside to create a vacuum facilitating the removal of ear wax.

This deeply relaxing treatment treats both ears and has many benefits including helping sinus problems and headaches.

Ear Candling is followed by a relaxing shoulder, face and scalp massage.


£50 – 45 mins


Crystal Massage Therapy

It is no surprise that crystal therapy is becoming a must have treatment with lots of media coverage and now has a huge celebrity’s following due to their amazing results.

Using the aid of pure crystals such as rose quartz and Amethyst with benefits including re- energising and detoxifying, firming the skin and anti-aging properties. The aim of these beautiful crystals is to bring a sense of inner calm and leave you feeling rejuvenated and de-stressed

Our crystal healing therapist will carry out a consultation to suit your very specific needs to mix a bespoke aromatherapy mix for your full body massage. You will then be asked to choose a particular crystal of choice that your mind and body is drawn to and craving of its powers.

This special stone is then used throughout your specific treatment and is given to you as a gift from us to allow the energies of the crystal of choice to work it’s magic..long after your treatment has finished


£68 – 70 mins


Tibetan Scalp Massage

Using a combination of magnificent ancient traditions of Indian, Ayurveda  a form of shirodhara  … know famously as (flowing of warm essential oils ) Our similar method is applied to your scalp face and décolleté to ease tension and help the calming of the mind  aiding our therapists to re aline your chakras within your body.
Followed by ancient Tibetan massage of long sweeping lymph drainage techniques and deep slow circular movements to ease your tensions away.
Tibetan massage aids detoxification for your body and mind this is a real stress buster treatment
And leaves you feeling a inner peace …
Pls note essential oils are left in  your hair after your treatment has concluded.  This is beneficial for optimum results, leaving the hair silky soft and aids the inner body to re aline long after the treatment as finished. … 45 mins of pure relaxation